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From Italian roots to the realization of a dream.

Our story begins in 1875, with the arrival of the Valduga family in Brazil. Coming from the city of Rovereto, in northern Italy, the mmigrants brought with them the passion for wine and a desire to prosper. That's how they cultivated the first vineyards in the heart of what is now the Vale dos Vinhedos, in the Serra Gaúcha, the southern region of the country.

More than a century and four generations later, the dream of building a reference winery in Brazil has become a reality. With the help of their children, the couple Luiz and Maria Valduga combined tradition and technology to modernize the production of fine wines. And the result could not be otherwise: Casa Valduga is now established among the leading brands in Brazil. Over time, the family's work went beyond the winery and transformed into the Famiglia Valduga Group, internationally recognized for the quality of its products and the awards won worldwide. Currently, the Group consists of 6 companies and is managed by the family, keeping alive the passion for grape cultivation and the dedication to always deliver excellent products.

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